Every school has an annual day, wherein selected students participate and demonstrate the best of the school over a couple of hours. The Litera Valley Zee best schools in hosur has an Annual Expo, held over a period of three days, in which every student of the school participates, and demonstrates their learning through the entire year.

A one-of-its-kind event, the Annual Expo at Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur has children participating in over 15 departments, including Innovation, Robotics, Space (constructing rockets, landing rovers on Mars), Organic Farming, Music, Sports, Social Science, English, Hindi, Tamil, Science & Mathematics, etc. Every child of the school, right from the kindergarten is a part of this Annual Expo, which is open to the parents and public alike for three days. The children explain about their projects and models to kin and strangers alike, thus furthering their knowledge, understanding and of course, public speaking skills and confidence.

The Annual Expo 2015-16 saw over 340 projects being demonstrated by the students, including a Mars Village. Padma Shri Dr. Mylswamy Annadurai, who inaugurated the Mars Village, was astounded at the level of the projects, and exclaimed that such projects were normally done only by engineering students. Having himself pioneered and driven Project Chandrayaan, he said he would be pleased to have such students as part of his team, who were already ready to land on Mars!

The Mars Village created an especial impact on the Director of the Satellite Center of ISRO, where the children of Zee School, Hosur have created a space shuttle to ‘transport’ people to Mars, where they would then communicate with the Mars Rovers exploring the surface of Mars. There was also a project exploring the viability of vegetating Mars to sustain life on it for mankind. The culmination of the Annual Expo was the Cultural Performance on stage by the children on Sunday evening. Over 300 children set the stage on fire with their breathtaking performance, and energy levels. After having worked for over 6 months on their projects for the Expo, the children moved seamlessly and tirelessly into the entertainment mode to keep their parents and audience enthralled by their cultural performance. The kindergarten students stole everyone’s hearts with their cute performance and the primary school students stunned everyone with their mastery of the dance moves.

When “all the world’s a stage”, as famously put forth by Shakespeare, Litera Valley Zee School, Hosur provides each child ample rehearsals year on year to give an outstanding performance on the stage of life!